Drake’s OVO Air Jordan Collection

Here’s an official look at the October’s Very Own x Air Jordan Collection that marks the new partnership between Drake and the Jordan Brand. Will they ever be released to the public? I doubt it but enjoy the pics.

ovo-air-jordan-10-black-01 ovo-air-jordan-10-black-02 ovo-air-jordan-10-black-03(1)

ovo-air-jordan-10-white-01 ovo-air-jordan-10-white-02 ovo-air-jordan-10-white-03

ovo-air-jordan-12-black-01 ovo-air-jordan-12-black-02 ovo-air-jordan-12-black-03

ovo-air-jordan-12-white-01 ovo-air-jordan-12-white-02 ovo-air-jordan-12-white-03